Affiliate Publisher

Publisher use the Sellector to offer their customers a playful and up to date shopping experience. With a Sellector customers find the right product right away. And at the same time browsing through a shop becomes more fun, since playing with product features raises interest in the products and makes curious for more.

E-Commerce Shop Onwers

More and more large shops (e.g. amazon or ebay) offer their customers a user friendly product selection technology to make their choice. With the Sellector now also small and medium shops have the opportunity to benefit from leading edge shop usability.


Blogger are often experts within their domain. They constantly monitor and analyse certain toppics and so accumulate deep knowledge. This knowledge can now easily and highly usable be made available to their readers by offering it through a Sellector.


Currently many publisher seek new ways to reuse their content in oder to better refinance content production. Now publishers are presented with a tool to easily create a matching Sellector for each article only with a few clicks. Together with an affiliate partner the traffic can be directly converted into revenue at a high conversion rate.


Journalists focus certain target groups with their articles. By using a Sellector they now have the opportunity to easily offer their readers matching affiliate products and so directly convert traffic into revenue.

Product Experts

Nobody knows more about a product group than product experts. They write reviews, compile test reports and are the person to refer to within their community. By utilizing a sellector within only a few clicks the unique product knowledge can be converted into a highly usable information engine which leads interested customers to the shops through an affiliate partner. Now product experts can convert their knowledge directly into revenue.