oscommerce For osCommerce we provide a special configurator extension including instructions.

Download the extension here: DOWNLOAD


The reference folder is the /catalog/ folder of your osCommerce installation.

1) Unpack the Zip File and copy the files into the corresponding folders and sub-folders.

2) Open the file includes/languages/english.php.
     Scroll down to the very end and paste before the "?>"-statement the following text:

     define('SELLECTOR_HEAD', 'Sellector');
     define('SELLECTOR_LINK', 'Click here, to start the Sellector.');

Feel free to change the text between the inverted commas to your needs.
3) Open the file includes/column_left.php an paste in line 26:

     require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'sellector.php');
4) Open the file sellector.php and change in line 49 the corresponding parameters!

Now you can start including Sellectors into your osCommerce shop.