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Facts overview is web service providing a selection widget featuring sliders and checkboxes.

  • User selection is simply done by adjusting slider bars (drag & drop) and ticking checkboxes.
  • This versatile tool can be used to improve the usability of any kind of website where choice is a required.
  • The widget approach allows to place the tool anywhere within a web page simply by copying 6 lines of html-code into the web page.
  • The browser side code, is extremely slim (less than 30kB) and therefore a sellector is the ideal tool for mobile use as well.
  • Multilingual
  • Software as a service product: Instantly configured, no installation, low price
  • Launch of alpha phase: Dec. 2009
  • Proposed launch of beta phase: Feb. 2010
  • Core technologies backend: java, spring, hibernate
  • Technology browser client: javascript
  • is a service of Sellector GmbH, Germany General Manager: Bernd Beimdick

Brief description is software as a service providing a selection widget featuring sliders and checkboxes. By providing users with a responsive and playful user experience it is the best choice website owners can offer their customers. The service can be instantly configured using the web frontend at No particular knowledge is required, no programming, no installation, no setup. After configuration only 6 lines of HTML-code need to be copied into the customer website and the sellector is online. So finally this easy way of choice becomes cheaply available for any website owner.

A Sellector is not only a perfect tool for shop owners, It is also a complete shop solution for affiliate publishers. Ofcourse it is also a great tool for journalists and bloggers who wish to present e.g. research results. It can even be used as an interactive ad-banner or for many other tasks.

Plugins for major CMS and shop systems, such as for example joomla, even eliminate the necessity to copy code into the target webpage. Shortly sellector will offer their customers statistics features for analysis and optimization of each sellector.

Websites targeting touchscreen or remote control can easily use Sellectors, because no keyboard entry is required. Also due to the extremely slim code (less than 30kB) on client side especially mobile usage benefit from this service.

Press Releases

22.02.2010 Finding products online the playful way - Sellector goes live


The Sellector GmbH has internationally launched it's product offering for affiliate publishers and e-commerce shop owners at Now every web site owner can compile their individual product configurator online and integrate it into their web site right away.






With the brand-new Sellector now for the first time every web shop owner and affiliate publisher can benefit from the unique usability of product configurators. Using simple checkboxes and handy sliders the shop visitors adjust their wishes and see the result on the same page right away.
As an online-service the Sellector can be easily integrated into any shop just by copying 6 lines of HTML-text. Configuration and customization (e.g. colors) is done within minutes using the web frontend at

Founded by the two internet experienced entrepreneurs Bernd Beimdick (previously manager at Europe's largest ISP and board member at the online branch of Germany's biggest daily newspaper) and Pascal Klaus, (business consultant and expert for price comparison and smart product selection) the company targets usability in web based result finding.
Quote PK: "Through IPhone & Co. the users have gone used to an intuitive and playful usage experience. Now they expect the same experience in online shopping as well." According to the study "Web-shopping-2009" 88,7% of the online shoppers find a clear structure in shop very important. 86,6% desire a comprehensible search function and 82,8% clear navigation (Source: Quelle-Trendstudie). But exactly those are the points where the online shoppers see the biggest deficits in current shops.
Quote BB: "Web shoppers neither like getting lost in menu paths, nor do they have time to wait for the loading of yet the next page. They want to select and adjust their wishes for a product and see the results on the same page right away. Finally shopping online must also be a fun thing to do!"

The consequences of bad usability in e-commerce shops are severe for the shop owners. Lost turnover through leaving customers as well as unnecessary return costs after mispurchases.

Quote PK: "Web shopping has reached a maternity where besides price the usability becomes more and more important. The Sellector offers shop owners a great opportunity to differentiate from their competitors."



Conclusion: The Sellector offers what most online shops lack of: A playful shopping experience! Because besides the price the factors responsiveness, interactivity and fun determine customer satisfaction and purchase probability.



Company information is privately held and has offices in Munich and Bremen. The product offering is software as a service for online configuration and usage of product configurators as well as additional support services. The company was founded in 2009. After 6 Months of product development the services are publicly available since February 2009 in English and German.



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