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New Features for the Product Finder

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Sellector started 2011 launching new features for the Product Finder.

These new innovative features are now available in the service category on our website.

Now it is possible to create complete guided selling solutions using your Sellector tables.

Here you find the overview of our major innovations:

  • Free and distributed positioning of selection elements.
  • Single-handle sliders.
  • Attributes with no match within current product results can be hidden or disabled for selection.
  • Backend now allows for very large product portfolios e.g. larger than one million products
  • Disabling and hiding of selection elements.
  • Step-by-step product advisors ranging over several pages.
  • Selection element titles with explanatory texts and customizable layout.
  • Display order within product results can be defined.
  • Possibility of setting multiple attribute values for one product by using " | " as separator.

Some examples are available on the website of one of our customers:

We will be providing further details about these new features in the next days.


How to plug in the Sellector into your e-commerce shop

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For a quick idea on how the Sellector guided selling widget plugs into any existing e-commerce shop I have scetched three charts that give a quick idea on how it works.



Sellector customization - individualizing the guided selling tool

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Using our client templating features the appearance of the Sellector can be widely adapted to match both the look and feel of the website where the sellector is deployed as well as activate rich additional functionality within the Sellector. We have now released a draft documentation on the client templating capabilities.
Please download the document HERE and feel free to customize your Sellector guided selling tool to seamlessly fit into your e-commerce shop or website.


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