Product Finder, faceted Search, guided Selling


Sell more using the Sellector Product Finder

Offer your customers an easy and playful shopping experience.
  • Higher conversion rate by reducing terminations
  • Fewer returns through precise product recommendations
  • Cross selling through playful shop navigation

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Guided Selling Banner, Dynamic and Multi Product Banner


Reach more customers using interactive ad banner

Product choice right within the ad banner. Multiply your reach and place your shop widget on millions of websites.
  • Higher conversion rate through innovative ad type
  • Higher conversion rate through interactivity
  • Increased turnover through virtual shop multiplication
  • Product prices are always up to date advanced update technology
  • Campaigns can be run and controlled by shop owner
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Product-Advisor, shopping Assistant


Sell more using Product Advisors.

Give your customers the sense of being well advised even in the online world. Guide your customers and offer them the right products for their needs.
  • Higher conversion rate through precise advice
  • Fewer returns through matching product recommendation
  • Stronger customer retention through outstanding shopping guidance
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One Page Shopping Ad


Sell more with One Page Shopping Ads.

Place any product selection on only one side. Give your customers the products they need.
  • High Conversions through product selection
  • High conversion by direct payments
  • Hardly maintenance requirements as possibility of data linkage
  • Promotional products are easy to replace
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