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Contents - User Manual
(currently only available in German language)

What is a Sellector?
How do I create a Sellector?
How is the selection displayed?
How do I customize the Sellector data table?
How do I adapt the design of the Sellectors?
How can the Sellector Data be updated?
How do I integrate the Sellector into my site?

Here you can download the latest version (German version - Last Update 05.12.2010): DOWNLOAD

Please note that not all functionality is described in this basic user manual. See the other documetation for further details.

Contents - Design Manual

General Description
Adjustments for the result pane
Modifiying the result presentation

Template for product presentation
Presentation of the selection pane
Flexible positioning of selection elements
special features (slide show, affiliate mode, etc.)
Typical problems with Javascript Templating


Quick Overview Charts

Plug Sellector into Shop or CMS

Scheduled Update of Sellector

Requested Update of Sellector

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